Homo sapiens in Arabia by 85,000 years ago

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Groucutt, Huw S.; Grun, Rainer; Zalmout, Iyad S. A.; Drake, Nick A.; Armitage, Simon J.; Candy, Ian; Clark-Wilson, Richard; Louys, Julien; Breeze, Paul S.; Duval, Mathieu; Buck, Laura T.; Kivell, Tracy L.; Pomeroy, Emma; Stephens, Nicholas B; Stock, Jay T; Stewart, Matthew; Price, Gilbert J; Kinsley, Leslie; Sung, Wing Wai; Alsharekh, Abdullah; Al-Omari, Abdulaziz; Zahir, Muhammad; Memesh, Abdullah M; Abdulshakoor, Ammar J; Al-Masari, Abdu M; Bahameem, Ahmed A; Al Murayyi, Khaled S M; Zahrani, Badr; Scerri, Eleanor M L; Petraglia, Michael;

<p>Understanding the timing and character of the expansion of Homo sapiens out of Africa is critical for inferring the colonization and admixture processes that underpin global population history. It has been argued that dispersal out of Africa had an early phase, parti... View more
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