Genetic diversity is a predictor of mortality in humans

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Bihlmeyer, Nathan A ; Brody, Jennifer A ; Smith, Albert Vernon ; Lunetta, Kathryn L ; Nalls, Mike ; Smith, Jennifer A ; Tanaka, Toshiko ; Davies, Gail ; Yu, Lei ; Mirza, Saira Saeed ; Teumer, Alexander ; Coresh, Josef ; Pankow, James S ; Franceschini, Nora ; Scaria, Anish ; Oshima, Junko ; Psaty, Bruce M ; Gudnason, Vilmundur ; Eiriksdottir, Gudny ; Harris, Tamara B ; Li, Hanyue ; Karasik, David ; Kiel, Douglas P ; Garcia, Melissa ; Liu, Yongmei ; Faul, Jessica D ; Kardia, Sharon LR ; Zhao, Wei ; Ferrucci, Luigi ; Allerhand, Michael ... view all 52 authors (2014)

Background: It has been well-established, both by population genetics theory and direct observation in many organisms, that increased genetic diversity provides a survival advantage. However, given the limitations of both sample size and genome-wide metrics, this hypoth... View more
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