Layered Architecture for Quantum Computing

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N. Cody Jones; Rodney Van Meter; Austin G. Fowler; Peter L. McMahon; Jungsang Kim; Thaddeus D. Ladd; Yoshihisa Yamamoto;
  • Publisher: American Physical Society
  • Journal: Physical Review X (issn: 2160-3308)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1103/PhysRevX.2.031007
  • Subject: Physics | QC1-999 | Quantum Physics
    arxiv: Computer Science::Hardware Architecture
    acm: ComputerSystemsOrganization_MISCELLANEOUS

We develop a layered quantum-computer architecture, which is a systematic framework for tackling the individual challenges of developing a quantum computer while constructing a cohesive device design. We discuss many of the prominent techniques for implementing circuit-... View more
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