Evaluation of Na+, K+-ATPase activity in the brain of young rats after acute administration of fenproporex

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Rezin,Gislaine T.; Scaini,Giselli; Gonçalves,Cinara L.; Ferreira,Gabriela K.; Cardoso,Mariane R.; Ferreira,Andréa G.K.; Cunha,Maira J.; Schmitz,Felipe; Varela,Roger B.; Quevedo,João; Wyse,Angela T.S.; Streck,Emilio L.;

Objectives: Fenproporex is an amphetamine-based anorectic which is rapidly converted into amphetamine in vivo. Na+, K+-ATPase is a membrane-bound enzyme necessary to maintain neuronal excitability. Considering that the effects of fenproporex on brain metabolism are poor... View more