Bioactivities of Ketones Terpenes: Antifungal Effect on F. verticillioides and Repellents to Control Insect Fungal Vector, S. zeamais

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Pizzolitto, Romina Paola; Herrera, Jimena María; Zaio, Yesica P.; Dambolena, Jose Sebastian; Zunino, María Paula; Gallucci, Mauro Nicolas; Zygadlo, Julio Alberto;
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  • Subject: <i>S. zeamais</i> | α,β-UNSATURATED KETONE | S. ZEAMAIS | Q-SAR | F. verticillioides | Otras Ciencias Agrícolas | F. VERTICILLIOIDES F. | Article | QH301-705.5 | CIENCIAS AGRÍCOLAS | <i>F. verticillioides</i> | α,β-unsaturated ketones | Biology (General)

Maize is one the most important staple foods in the world. However, numerous pests, such as fungal pathogens, e.g., Fusarium verticillioides, and insects, such as Sitophlilus zeamais, attack maize grains during storage. Many F. verticillioides strains produce fumonisins... View more
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