Proposed Framework which Uses Object Oriented Principles in Relational Systems: Structure and Formating (Part 2)

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  • Publisher: Inforec Association
  • Journal: Informatică economică,volume X,issue 2,pages11-16 (issn: 1453-1305, eissn: 1842-8088)
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  • Subject: SQL3 | object oriented principles | Computer engineering. Computer hardware | relational data structures design, object oriented principles, SQL3, UML, MDA. | relational data structures design | UML | MDA. | Z | TK7885-7895 | Bibliography. Library science. Information resources

Our approach tries to overcome the limitations of so called “flat nature†of relational systems, in the actual context of actual relational database theories, database systems technologies and object oriented methodologies by proposing an MDA framework to map an obje... View more
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