Towards a Model of Designing an Organizational Structure in a Knowledge Based Society

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Varzaru,, Mihai; Jolivet, Eric;
  • Publisher: Bucharest: The Bucharest University of Economic Studies
  • Subject: " knowledge management" | contingency model approach | structure, organizational design, knowledge management, contingency, model, approach | knowledge management | approach | structure | M12 | [SHS.GESTION]Humanities and Social Sciences/Business administration | organizational design | " contingency model approach" | contingency | "structure" | [ SHS.GESTION ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Business administration | model | " organizational design"
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International audience; The role of the manager in the knowledge society is to lead, in a productive and cost effective manner, a system that is at the crossroads of three worlds: the environment, the human and the organization. To ensure the continuity of the organizat... View more
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