Talking about the institutional complexity of the integrated rehabilitation system – the importance of coordination

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Sari Miettinen; Ulla Ashorn; Juhani Lehto;
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  • Journal: International Journal of Integrated Care (IJIC), volume 13 (issn: 1568-4156, eissn: 1568-4156)
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  • Subject: complexity | rehabilitation | Research and Theory | R5-920 | Kansanterveystiede, ympäristö ja työterveys - Public health care science, environmental and occupational health | Medicine (General) | rehabilitation; welfare services; coordination; governance; equity; complexity | welfare services | equity | coordination | governance

<p>Rehabilitation in Finland is a good example of functions divided among several welfare sectors, such as health services and social services.  The rehabilitation system in Finland is a complex one and there have been many efforts to create a coordinated entity. The pu... View more
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