Association of ACTN3 R577X but not ACE I/D gene variants with elite rugby union player status and playing position

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Heffernan, S.M.; Kilduff, L.P.; Erskine, R.M.; Day, S.H.; McPhee, J.S.; McMahon, G.E.; Stebbings, G.K.; Neale, J.P.H.; Lockey, S.J.; Ribbans, W.J.; Cook, C.J.; Vance, B.; Raleigh, S.M.; Roberts, C.; Bennett, M.A.; Wang, G.; Collins, M.; Pitsiladis, Y.P.; Williams, A.G.;

We aimed to quantify the ACE I/D and ACTN3 R577X (rs1815739) genetic variants in elite rugby athletes (rugby union and league) and compare genotype frequencies to controls and between playing positions. The rugby athlete cohort consisted of 507 Caucasian men, including ... View more
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