Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis on Multicomponent Catalysts: What Can We Learn from Computer Simulations?

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José L. C. Fajín; M. Natália D. S. Cordeiro; José R. B. Gomes;
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  • Subject: Chemistry | GENERALIZED GRADIENT APPROXIMATION | RU | AUGMENTED-WAVE METHOD | TP1-1185 | SUPPORTED COBALT CATALYSTS | QD1-999 | CARBON-MONOXIDE | Fischer-Tropsch synthesis | multicomponent catalysts | HIGH-PRESSURE | density functional theory | DENSITY-FUNCTIONAL THEORY | PARTICLE-SIZE | Chemical technology | CO HYDROGENATION | MECHANISM

In this concise review paper, we will address recent studies based on the generalized-gradient approximation (GGA) of the density functional theory (DFT) and on the periodic slab approach devoted to the understanding of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process on transitio... View more
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