Bachelor thesis Slovenian OPEN
Lampret, Samo (2013)
  • Publisher: S. Lampret
  • Subject: bančni avtomati | telebanking | electronic banking services | Abanka d. d. | cash machines | NLB Moba | telephone banking | 336.71 [udc] | plačilne kartice | electronic and mobile banking | electronic sales channels | NLB Proklik | Electronic commerce | elektronske prodajne poti | forms of electronic baking | elektronsko bančništvo | electronic banking | safety and risks of electronic banking | storitve elektronskega bančništva | varnost in tveganje elektronskega bančništva | mobilno bančništvo | NLB Klik | telefonsko bančništvo | internet banking | NLB Teledom. | oblike elektronskega bančništva | internet bančništvo | elektronsko in mobilno bančništvo | Bank@Net. | Elektronsko poslovanje | abanka d.d. | pay cards | 004.738.5 [udc] | mobile banking

The development of information and communication technology is one of the most important reasons for the incredibly fast changes in business. Electronic commerce is spreading unstoppably in the operations of companies. The creation of new models, such as online banking, online shopping and the like, has sped up the development of the World Wide Web. Owing to the rapid progress of the World Wide Web and technologies for secure business operations, we can barely imagine life today without electronic banking. Although paying the bills has not turned into a pleasure, it is nonetheless much more bearable, because we no longer have to queue in front of the teller window. Electronic banking provides many advantages for us and for the banks, but it has its disadvantages, too. I have chosen electronic banking as the topic of my diploma project. I have presented electronic commerce, its advantages and disadvantages, and how secure its use is. I have also presented electronic banking and its services. I have chosen the bank Abanka d. d. as an example. I have focused on the topic of electronic banking primarily because I too am using the services of electronic and mobile banking of the aforementioned bank. I have presented the online bank Abanet, the mobile application Abamobi, and the mobile service Abasms.
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