Atividade imunomoduladora de extratos de Cordia superba Cham. and Cordia rufescens A. DC. (Boraginaceae), espécies de plantas nativas do semi-árido brasileiro

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Costa, José Fernando Oliveira; David, Juceni P. L.; David, Jorge M.; Giulietti, Ana M.; Queiroz, Luciano P.; Santos, Ricardo R.; Soares, Milena Botelho P.;
  • Publisher: Sociedade Brasileira de Farmacognosia
  • Subject: atividade imunomoduladora | Cordia | Boraginaceae | immunomodulatory activity

The family Boraginaceae is widely distributed in Brazil and in the Northeastern region some species are popularly used to treat symptoms of rheumatism, painful menstruation and dyspepsia. In this work we studied Cordia superba Cham. and C. rufescens A. DC., native from ... View more
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