Robotics Vision-based Heuristic Reasoning for Underwater Target Tracking and Navigation

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Kia, Chua ; Arshad, Mohd Rizal (2006)
  • Publisher: InTech
  • Journal: International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems (issn: 1729-8806, eissn: 1729-8814)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5772/5782
  • Subject: robot navigation | Electronics | fuzzylogic | autonomous underwater vehicles | simulation | Electronic computers. Computer science | underwater target tracking | TK7800-8360 | vision system. | QA75.5-76.95 | Computer Science - Robotics | artificial intelligence

This paper presents a robotics vision-based heuristic reasoning system for underwater target tracking and navigation. This system is introduced to improve the level of automation of underwater Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs) operations. A prototype which combines computer vision with an underwater robotics system is successfully designed and developed to perform target tracking and intelligent navigation. This study focuses on developing image processing algorithms and fuzzy inference system for the analysis of the terrain. The vision system developed is capable of interpreting underwater scene by extracting subjective uncertainties of the object of interest. Subjective uncertainties are further processed as multiple inputs of a fuzzy inference system that is capable of making crisp decisions concerning where to navigate. The important part of the image analysis is morphological filtering. The applications focus on binary images with the extension of gray-level concepts. An open-loop fuzzy control system is developed for classifying the traverse of terrain. The great achievement is the system's capability to recognize and perform target tracking of the object of interest (pipeline) in perspective view based on perceived condition. The effectiveness of this approach is demonstrated by computer and prototype simulations. This work is originated from the desire to develop robotics vision system with the ability to mimic the human expert's judgement and reasoning when maneuvering ROV in the traverse of the underwater terrain.
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