Five Challenges for Intelligent Cinematography and Editing

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Ronfard, Rémi;
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  • Identifiers: doi: 10.2312/wiced.20171069
  • Subject: [INFO.INFO-CV]Computer Science [cs]/Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition [cs.CV] | ACM: I.: Computing Methodologies/I.2: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE/I.2.10: Vision and Scene Understanding | ACM: I.: Computing Methodologies/I.4: IMAGE PROCESSING AND COMPUTER VISION | ACM: I.: Computing Methodologies/I.3: COMPUTER GRAPHICS | [INFO.INFO-GR]Computer Science [cs]/Graphics [cs.GR]

International audience; In this position paper, we propose five challenges for advancing the state of the art in intelligent cinematography and editing by taking advantage of the huge quantity of cinematographic data (movies) and metadata (movie scripts) available in di... View more
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