Distribution patterns of oceanic micronekton at seamounts and hydrographic fronts of the subtropical Atlantic Ocean

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Diekmann, Rabea;
  • Subject: Cephalopoda, paralarvae, fishlarvae, Sargasso Sea, seamounts, community composition, retention, gap formation, diel vertical migration, distribution patterns | Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences | Atlantischer Ozean <Nord> ; Tiefseeberg ; Pelagial ; Meeresfische ; Kopffüßer ; Tiergesellschaft ; Wassertiefe ; Subtropen | Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
    • ddc: ddc:590

In the past the oceanic environment has often been compared with terrestrial deserts and until today relatively little is known about the ecology of the high seas. Within the present study pelagic oceanic communities of cephalopods and fish in the subtropical North Atla... View more
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