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A kernel-based dose calculation algorithm for kV photon beams with explicit handling of energy and material dependencies

Am, Reinhart; Mf, Fast; Peter Ziegenhein; Nill S; Oelfke U;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 Dec 2016 Journal: The British Journal of Radiology, volume 90, issue 1,069 (issn: 0007-1285, eissn: 1748-880X, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: The British Institute of Radiology.
Objective: Mimicking state-of-the-art patient radiotherapy with high-precision irradiators for small animals is expected to advance the understanding of dose–effect relationships and radiobiology in general. We work on the implementation of intensity-modulated radiotherapy-like irradiation schemes for small animals. As a first step, we present a fast analytical dose calculation algorithm for keV photon beams. Methods: We follow a superposition–convolution approach adapted to kV X-rays, based on previous work for microbeam therapy. We assume local energy deposition at the photon interaction point due to the short electron ranges in tissue. This allows us to separ...
free text keywords: Small animal IGRT special feature, Full Paper, Radiotherapy and Oncology, Physics and Technology, Kernel (linear algebra), Photon beams, Algorithm, Monte Carlo method, Microbeam, Photon, Irradiation, Electron, Interaction point, Medicine, business.industry, business
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