LiquiBand® Surgical S topical adhesive versus sutures for the closure of laparoscopic wounds. A randomized controlled trial

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Jan, Haider ; Waters, Natasha ; Haines, Pat ; Kent, Andrew (2013)
  • Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
  • Journal: Gynecological Surgery, volume 10, issue 4, pages 247-252 (issn: 1613-2076, eissn: 1613-2084)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1007/s10397-013-0805-5, pmc: PMC3825541
  • Subject: Laparoscopy | Original Article | LiquiBand® Surgical S | Randomized trial | Vicryl | Obstetrics and Gynaecology | Surgery

Cyanoacrylate adhesives offer the surgeon and patient an alternative to subcuticular suturing. LiquiBand® Surgical S (LBSS) is a new formulation with a blend of monomeric n-butyl and 2-octyl cyanoacrylates. In this study, the effectiveness, safety, and clinical utility ... View more
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