Charged particle detection performances of CMOS pixel sensors produced in a 0.18 um process with a high resistivity epitaxial layer

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Senyukov, Serhiy; Baudot, Jerome; Besson, Auguste; Claus, Gilles; Cousin, Loic; Dorokhov, Andrei; Dulinski, Wojciech; Goffe, Mathieu; Hu-Guo, Christine; Winter, Marc;
  • Identifiers: doi: 10.1016/j.nima.2013.03.017
  • Subject: Detectors and Experimental Techniques | Physics - Instrumentation and Detectors | High Energy Physics - Experiment

The apparatus of the ALICE experiment at CERN will be upgraded in 2017/18 during the second long shutdown of the LHC (LS2). A major motivation for this upgrade is to extend the physics reach for charmed and beauty particles down to low transverse momenta. This requires ... View more
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    1 MRad + 1013 neq /cm2 1 MRad + 1013 neq /cm2 1 MRad + 1013 neq /cm2

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