Citral reduces nociceptive and inflammatory response in rodents

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Lucindo J. Quintans-Júnior; Adriana G. Guimarães; Marilia T. de Santana; Bruno E.S. Araújo; Flávia V. Moreira; Leonardo R. Bonjardim; Adriano A. S. Araújo; Jullyana S. Siqueira; Ângelo R. Antoniolli; Marco A. Botelho; Jackson R. G. S. Almeida; Márcio R. V. Santos;

Citral (CIT), which contains the chiral enantiomers, neral (cis) and geranial (trans), is the majority monoterpene from Lippia alba and Cymbopogon citratus. The present study aimed to evaluate CIT for antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities in rodents. Antinoci... View more
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