Inflorescences of the Bromeliad Vriesea friburgensis as Nest Sites and Food Resources for Ants and Other Arthropods in Brazil

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Schmid, Volker S. ; Langner, Simone ; Steiner, Josefina ; Zillikens, Anne (2014)
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  • Journal: Psyche (issn: 0033-2615, eissn: 1687-7438)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1155/2014/396095
  • Subject: QL1-991 | Article Subject | Zoology

For the first time, the usage of bromeliad inflorescences as nesting sites for ants and other arthropods was studied. Frequencies of occurrence of nests were recorded from hollow stems of dried infructescences of the bromeliad Vriesea friburgensis on Santa Catarina Isla... View more
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