Metamorphism and fission-track age determination of apatite crystals from Demirci-Borlu Region, Submassif of the Menderes Massif-Western Turkey

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Candan, Osman ; Helvacı, Cahit ; BÖHLER, G. ; WALDER, G. ; MARK, T.D. (1990)
  • Publisher: Maden Tetkik Arama Genel Müdürlüğü
  • Journal: (issn: 0026-4563, eissn: 2651-3048)
  • Subject: QE351-399.2 | Mineralogy | -

Investigated area is located in the Gördes submassif of the Menderes massif, the metamorphic basement consists of the following lithologic in ascending order: Sillimanite-garnet gneiss. sillimanite-garnet-kyanitc schist. sillimanite-staurolite-garnet-kyanite schist, staurolite-garnet schist and garnet mica schist. Kyanite-andalusite pegmatoids which occur within the kyanite-bearing schists were formed in the course of the last major metamorphism giving the final stage to the Menderes massif. The metamorphic basement is overlain by the allochthonous units which are relicts of the Lycian nappes which caused the last major metamorphism during the Eocene-Oligocene time in Menderes massif. The age of the apatite crystals obtained from the pegmatoids arc determined by the fission-track method. The cooling age of the apatite crystals ranging from the Early Oligocene to Early Miocene is in good agreement with the field observations in the study area and geological evidence relating to the Menderes massif. 
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