Invader Relative Impact Potential: a new metric to understand and predict the ecological impacts of existing, emerging and future invasive alien species.

Article English OPEN
Dick, JTA; Laverty, C; Lennon, JJ; Barrios-O'Neill, D; Mensink, PJ; Robert Britton, J; Médoc, V; Boets, P; Alexander, ME; Taylor, NG; Dunn, AM; Hatcher, MJ; Rosewarne, PJ; Crookes, S; MacIsaac, HJ; Xu, M; Ricciardi, A; Wasserman, RJ; Ellender, BR; Weyl, OLF; Lucy, FE; Banks, PB; Dodd, JA; MacNeil, C; Penk, MR; Aldridge, DC; Caffrey, JM;

1. Predictions of the identities and ecological impacts of invasive alien species are critical for risk assessment, but presently we lack universal and standardized metrics that reliably predict the likelihood and degree of impact of such invaders (i.e. measurable chan... View more
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