Are Transition Economy Workers Underpaid?

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Adamchik, Vera A.; Brada, Josef C.; King, Arthur E.;
  • Publisher: Regensburg: Osteuropa-Institut Regensburg
  • Subject: job search | Polen | J31 | economic transition | stochastic frontier | P23 | Technische Effizienz | Lohnbildung | Übergangswirtschaft | labor markets, wage inefficiency, job search, stochastic frontier, economic transition | wage inefficiency | labor markets | Lohn | Schätzung | Tschechische Republik
    • jel: jel:J31 | jel:P23
      ddc: ddc:330

We examine the extent to which workers in transition and developed market economies are able to obtain wages that fully reflect their skills and labor force characteristics. We find that workers in two transition economies, the Czech Republic and Poland, are able to bet... View more
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