Effects of ibandronate on femoral fractures healing in rats treated with intramedullary sistem

Master thesis Portuguese OPEN
Julio CÃsar Chagas e Cavalcante;
  • Publisher: BR
  • Subject: Diphosphonates, Femoral fractures, Fracture Healing, Fracture Fixation, Intramedullary. Rats, Wistar. Collagen. Bony callus. | CIRURGIA | Fraturas do Fêmur | Fixação Intramedular de Fraturas | Consolidação da Fratura

CoordenaÃÃo de AperfeiÃoamento de Pessoal de NÃvel Superior The Ibandronate sodium is a drug used for clinical treatment of osteoporosis and for anti-catabolic action and cause osteoclast apoptosis, an important cell responsible for bone remodeling, it was hypothesiz... View more
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