Quantitative valuation of platform technology based intangibles companies

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Achleitner, Ann-Kristin; Nathusius, Eva; Schraml, Stephanie;
  • Publisher: Center for Entrepreneurial and Financial Studies (CEFS) Munich
  • Subject: entrepreneurial venture | Technischer Fortschritt | platform technology | commercialization strategies | intangible assets | Immaterielles Anlagevermögen | Unternehmensbewertung | young venture valuation | entrepreneurial venture,platform technology,young venture valuation,quantitative company valuation,intangible assets,intellectual property,commercialization strategies,value extraction | M13 | Geschäftsmodell | intellectual property | Discounted Cash Flow | quantitative company valuation | value extraction | Unternehmensgründung | Theorie
    • ddc: ddc:330
      jel: jel:M13
    acm: ComputingMilieux_THECOMPUTINGPROFESSION | GeneralLiterature_MISCELLANEOUS

In the course of raising external equity, e.g. from venture capitalists, a quantitative valuation is usually required for entrepreneurial ventures. This paper examines the challenges of quantitatively valuing platform technology based entrepreneurial ventures. The disti... View more
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