Scale Invariance + Unitarity => Conformal Invariance?

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Dorigoni, Daniele ; Rychkov, Slava (2009)
  • Subject: Particle Physics - Theory | High Energy Physics - Phenomenology | Condensed Matter - Statistical Mechanics | High Energy Physics - Theory

We revisit the long-standing conjecture that in unitary field theories, scale invariance implies conformality. We explain why the Zamolodchikov-Polchinski proof in D=2 does not work in higher dimensions. We speculate which new ideas might be helpful in a future proof. We also search for possible counterexamples. We consider a general multi-field scalar-fermion theory with quartic and Yukawa interactions. We show that there are no counterexamples among fixed points of such models in 4-epsilon dimensions. We also discuss fake counterexamples, which exist among theories without a stress tensor.
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