Financial Statements in Providing Financial Security of Agricultural Enterprises

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Olha Vdovenko (2014)
  • Journal: Accounting and Finance, issue 1 March, pages 78-81
  • Subject: financial statements, financial security, agricultural industry, accounting policy
    • jel: jel:G30
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In conditions of severe market competition and economic turmoil financial security of agricultural businesses largely depends on the effectiveness of management decisions, reporting being the information support to ensure such decision making. Thus, the practice of preparing accounting figures and their adjustment has a direct effect on agricultural businesses financial security. Having been generalized at the industry level, statistical and financial statements are used for the development of agrarian policy providing for financial support to agricultural business. The article studies the effect of financial statements on financial security at agricultural enterprises. The objective of this research is to reveal the role of financial statements as an important communication tool in providing financial security of agricultural enterprises and agricultural sector as a whole. The factors influencing the formation of the financial security of the agricultural enterprise have been defined. The role of financial statements in the formation of the state agrarian policy and financial security of agricultural enterprises has been highlighted.
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