Digital Art and Design

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Batiha, Khaled ; Al Salaimeh, Safwan ; Besoul, Khaldoun (2007)
  • Publisher: Institute of Information Theories and Applications FOI ITHEA
  • Journal: (issn: 1583-0233)
  • Subject: Digital Art, | Manipulation Program, | Q1-390 | DPaint | Digital art software | Photopaint | Photoshop | Graphic information, | Q | Science (General) | Science | Design software | Paint Shop Pro

The desire to create unique things and give free rain to one's imagination served as a powerful impetus to the development of digital art and design software. The commoner was the use of computers the wider variety of professional software was developed. Nowadays the creators and computer designers are receiving more and more new and advanced programs that allow their ideas becoming virtual reality. This research paper looks at the history of the development of graphic editors from the simplest to the most modern and advanced. This brief survey includes the history of different graphic editors’ creation, their features and abilities. This paper highlights the two basic branches of graphic editors – these that are in free use and commercial graphic editors design software. The researcher selected the most powerful and influential graphic editors design software brands like Paint.NET and GIMP among free software and commercial Adobe Photoshop. This paper also dwells upon the way digital art transferred from the exclusively professional business into the hobby for ordinary users. This research paper bears implications for those who are interested in features and potentiality of most popular graphic editors design software.
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