Pharmacological Evaluation and Preliminary Pharmacokinetics Studies of a New Diclofenac Prodrug without Gastric Ulceration Effect

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dos Santos, Jean Leandro; Moreira, Vanessa; Campos, Michel Leandro; Chelucci, Rafael Consolin; Barbieri, Karina Pereira; de Castro Souto, Pollyana Cristina Maggio; Matsubara, Márcio Hideki; Teixeira, Catarina; Bosquesi, Priscila Longhin; Peccinini, Rosângela Gonçalves; Chin, Chung Man;
  • Publisher: MDPI AG
  • Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, volume 13, issue 11, pages 15,305-15,320 (issn: 1422-0067, eissn: 1422-0067)
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  • Identifiers: doi: 10.3390/ijms131115305, pmc: PMC3509643
  • Subject: Chemistry | lactam | bioconversion, chronic inflammation | COX-inhibitor | bioconversion | QD1-999 | NSAIDs | prodrugs | Article | QH301-705.5 | anti-inflammatory | diclofenac | molecular modification | chronic inflammation | Biology (General)

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