Oxidative stress and life histories: unresolved issues and current needs

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Speakman, John R.; Blount, Jonathan D.; Bronikowski, Anne M.; Buffenstein, Rochelle; Isaksson, Caroline; Kirkwood, Tom B. L.; Monaghan, Patricia; Ozanne, Susan E.; Beaulieu, Michaël; Briga, Michael; Carr, Sarah K.; Christensen, Louise L.; Cochemé, Helena M.; Cram, Dominic L.; Dantzer, Ben; Harper, Jim M.; Jurk, Diana; King, Annette; Noguera, Jose C.; Salin, Karine; Sild, Elin; Simons, M.J.P.; Smith, Shona; Stier, Antoine; Tobler, Michael; Vitikainen, Emma; Peaker, Malcolm; Selman, Colin;
  • Publisher: Wiley Open Access
  • Journal: Ecology and Evolution,volume 5,issue 24,pages5,745-5,757 (eissn: 2045-7758)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1002/ece3.1790, pmc: PMC4717350
  • Subject: NAKED-MOLE-RAT | LONGEST-LIVING RODENT | LIPID-PEROXIDATION | Environmental Sciences & Ecology | free radicals | FREE-RADICAL THEORY | Life Sciences & Biomedicine | CAENORHABDITIS-ELEGANS | life-history theory | ENERGY-EXPENDITURE | life?history theory | TITS PARUS-MAJOR | Ecology | Science & Technology | MN SUPEROXIDE-DISMUTASE | Original Research | Aging | disposable soma theory | ANTIOXIDANT DEFENSE | FOOD-SUPPLEMENTATION | life‐history theory | oxidative stress

Abstract Life‐history theory concerns the trade‐offs that mold the patterns of investment by animals between reproduction, growth, and survival. It is widely recognized that physiology plays a role in the mediation of life‐history trade‐offs, but the details remain obsc... View more
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