Evaluation de la fluoroacidité en milieux de sels fondus

Doctoral thesis French OPEN
kergoat, mickaël;
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  • Subject: [ CHIM.GENI ] Chemical Sciences/Chemical engineering | Thermodynamique | Electrochemistry | Transport de matière | [ SPI.GPROC ] Engineering Sciences [physics]/Chemical and Process Engineering | Fluoroacidité | [SPI.GPROC]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Chemical and Process Engineering | Rate constants | Electrochimie | [CHIM.GENI]Chemical Sciences/Chemical engineering | Constantes de vitesse | Mass transport | Fluoroacidity | Thermodyamic | Electrode de référence | Molten fluorides | Reference electrode | Fluorures fondus

This thesis deals with the study of one physico-chemical property of molten fluorides media, fluoroacidity (pF which is equivalent to the pH for aprotic solvent), and its impact on the process. The fluoroacidity (pF=-log(aF-)) of molten fluorides is presently unknown an... View more
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