Graphical symbol recognition

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K.C., Santosh; Wendling, Laurent;
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  • Identifiers: doi: 10.1002/047134608X.W8260
  • Subject: [INFO.INFO-CV]Computer Science [cs]/Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition [cs.CV] | [INFO.INFO-TI] Computer Science [cs]/Image Processing | recognition | graphical symbol | Graphics processing | statistical approaches | [INFO.INFO-TT] Computer Science [cs]/Document and Text Processing | [INFO.INFO-TT]Computer Science [cs]/Document and Text Processing | structural and syntactic approaches | retrieval and spotting | [INFO.INFO-CV] Computer Science [cs]/Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition [cs.CV] | [INFO.INFO-TI]Computer Science [cs]/Image Processing [eess.IV] | real-world problems

International audience; The chapter focuses on one of the key issues in document image processing i.e., graphical symbol recognition. Graphical symbol recognition is a sub-field of a larger research domain: pattern recognition. The chapter covers several approaches (i.e... View more
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