Mechanical Properties of Spray Cast 7XXX Series Aluminium Alloys

Article Turkish OPEN
SALAMCI, Elmas (2014)
  • Publisher: TUBITAK
  • Journal: (issn: 1300-0160)
  • Subject: Spray deposition, 7xxx series Al alloys, Strength, Fracture toughness.
    mesheuropmc: equipment and supplies | technology, industry, and agriculture

Mechanical properties of spray deposited and extruded 7xxx series aluminium alloys were investigated in peak aged condition. To study the influence of Zn additions on the mechanical behaviour of spray deposited materials, three alloy compositions were selected, namely: SS70 (11.5% Zn), N707 (10.9% Zn) and 7075 (5.6% Zn). After ageing treatment, notched and unnotched specimens of spray deposited alloys were subjected to tensile tests at room temperature. Experimental results showed that the SS70 alloy exhibited the highest strength. Spray deposited Al alloys showed a very high strength as compared to conventionally processed 7xxx series Al alloys. Compared with the PM processed 7xxx series Al alloys, fracture toughness values of these alloys were higher.
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