Traffic classification with passive measurement

Master thesis Norwegian OPEN
Pham, Phong Hoang;
  • Publisher: Høgskolen i Oslo. Avdeling for ingeniørutdanning
  • Subject: Cluster | Passive network measurement | :Teknologi: 500::Informasjons- og kommunikasjonsteknologi: 550::Datateknologi: 551 [VDP] | VDP::Teknologi: 500::Informasjons- og kommunikasjonsteknologi: 550::Datateknologi: 551 | Classification

Abstract This is a master thesis from a collaboration between Oslo University College and Uninett Research. Uninett have a passive monitoring device on a 2.5 Gbps backbone link between Trondheim and Narvik. They uses measurement with optical splitters and specialized... View more
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