Socio-Statistical Research on the Internalization of European Administrative Space Principles in the Romanian Public Administration

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Ani Matei; Lucica Matei; Diana-Camelia Iancu;
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  • Journal: Administrative Sciences,volume 1,issue 1 12,pages1-11 (issn: 2076-3387)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3390/admsci1010045
  • Subject: internalization of norms | rule of law | Political institutions and public administration (General) | JF20-2112 | European Administrative Space | European Administrative Space; rule of law; internalization of norms
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The authors propose an analysis of the public administration reform in Romania by assessing whether the Romanian civil servants perform their duties according to the regulations of the European Administrative Space. The paper offers a socio-statistic perspective on the ... View more
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