Öğretmenlik Uygulaması Dersini Alan Sınıf Öğretmeni Adaylarının Sınıfta Kullandıkları Materyal Tercihlerinin İncelenmesi

Article OPEN
Onur Sezer, Gönül (2018)
  • Publisher: Abdullah KALDIRIM
  • Journal: Academy Journal of Educational Sciences (issn: 2602-3342, eissn: 2602-3342)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.31805/acjes.349593
  • Subject: Sınıf öğretmeni,materyal tercihleri,öğretmenlik uygulaması

This research aims to determine the material choices of teacher candidates during teaching practice courses and their competences to use these materials in accordance with policies to use these materials. The data was analyzed through descriptive analysis method. Description was obtained by examining the documents including the materials used by teachers in classes and videos taken during their lectures by other teacher candidates in the same class as part of teaching practice course. 16 of these teacher candidates were females and 4 of them were males. The literature review was done in the research expert opinions were received and material choices and criteria form, which was developed by the researcher, was used. The criteria form was used for teacher candidates’ materials. According to the results of the study, most of teacher candidates (65%) use whiteboards. Worksheets (60%) comes after that. 40% of teacher candidates use textbooks, 35% use “simple tools” and 25% use interactive whiteboards during class.  The materials coming after those are computers, video, powerpoint (20%), real materials (15%), activity sheet (10%) and students workbooks (5%). It was determined in video records that 46.16% of teacher candidates who use whiteboard as a material during classes used it properly, while 30.77% of them used it in a partly proper way.
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