Group decision making in nest-site selection by honey bees

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Seeley , Thomas ; Kirk Visscher , P. (2004)
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  • Subject: group decision making | [ SDV.EE ] Life Sciences [q-bio]/Ecology, environment | honey bee | nest-site selection | swarming | [ SDV.BID ] Life Sciences [q-bio]/Biodiversity | [ SDV.BA.ZI ] Life Sciences [q-bio]/Animal biology/Invertebrate Zoology | Apis mellifera | waggle dance | [ SDV.SA.SPA ] Life Sciences [q-bio]/Agricultural sciences/Animal production studies

International audience; In recent years, renewed attention has been paid to the mechanisms of group decision making that underlie the nest-site selection process in honey bees. We review the results of these new investigations by discussing how the recent work builds on... View more
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