AMADA: Web Data Repositories in the Amazon Cloud

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Aranda-Andújar , Andrés; Bugiotti , Francesca; Camacho-Rodríguez , Jesús; Colazzo , Dario; Goasdoué , François; Kaoudi , Zoi; Manolescu , Ioana;
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  • Subject: ACM : H.: Information Systems/H.2: DATABASE MANAGEMENT/H.2.4: Systems/H.2.4.1: Distributed databases | [ INFO.INFO-DB ] Computer Science [cs]/Databases [cs.DB] | ACM : H.: Information Systems/H.2: DATABASE MANAGEMENT/H.2.4: Systems/H.2.4.5: Query processing | ACM : H.: Information Systems/H.2: DATABASE MANAGEMENT/H.2.4: Systems/H.2.4.0: Concurrency

International audience; We present AMADA, a platform for storing Web data (in particular, XML documents and RDF graphs) based on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. AMADA operates in a Software as a Service (SaaS) approach, allowing users to upload, inde... View more
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