Soil fauna: key to new carbon models

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J. Filser; J. H. Faber; A. V. Tiunov; L. Brussaard; J. Frouz; G. De Deyn; A. V. Uvarov; M. P. Berg; P. Lavelle; M. Loreau; D. H. Wall; P. Querner; H. Eijsackers; J. J. Jiménez;
  • Publisher: Copernicus Publications
  • Journal: SOIL (issn: 2199-3971, eissn: 2199-398X)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5194/soil-2-565-2016
  • Subject: Bodembiologie | Soil Biology | Bodembiologie en biologische bodemkwaliteit | QE1-996.5 | Alterra - Animal ecology | Geology | Alterra - Dierecologie | CS Wetenschappelijke Adviesraad | Dierecologie | Wetenschappelijke Adviesraad | Soil Biology and Biological Soil Quality | GE1-350 | Chair Soil Biology and Biological Soil Quality | PE&RC | Environmental sciences | Animal Ecology | Leerstoelgroep Bodembiologie en biologische Bodemkwaliteit

Soil organic matter (SOM) is key to maintaining soil fertility, mitigating climate change, combatting land degradation, and conserving above- and below-ground biodiversity and associated soil processes and ecosystem services. In order to derive management options for ma... View more
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