Edible Mushroom Cultivation for Food Security and Rural Development in China: Bio-Innovation, Technological Dissemination and Marketing

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Zhang, Yaoqi; Geng, Wei; Shen, Yueqin; Wang, Yanling; Dai, Yu-Cheng;
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  • Journal: Sustainability,volume 6,issue 5 5,pages1-13 (issn: 2071-1050)
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  • Subject: TD194-195 | Renewable energy sources | edible fungi; rural economy; diets; poverty reduction; trade; sustainable agriculture | diets | TJ807-830 | edible fungi | trade | rural economy | GE1-350 | Environmental sciences | Environmental effects of industries and plants | poverty reduction | sustainable agriculture
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Mushrooms traditionally collected from forests and now more cultivated have recently become the products of the fifth-largest agricultural sector in China. It was estimated that more than 25 million farmers in China are currently engaged in the collection, cultivation p... View more
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