Seasonality of hydraulic redistribution by trees to grasses and changes in their water-source use that change tree-grass interactions

Priyadarshini, K.V.R.; Prins, H.H.T.; Bie, de, S.; Heitkonig, I.M.A.; Woodborne, S.; Gort, G.; Kirkman, K.; Ludwig, F.; Dawson, T.E.; Kroon, de, H.;
  • Subject: Earth System Science | Leerstoelgroep Aardsysteemkunde | Leerstoelgroep Resource Ecology | Wiskundige en Statistische Methoden - Biometris | PE&RC | Resource Ecology | Mathematical and Statistical Methods - Biometris | Biometris (WU MAT) | WIMEK

Savanna vegetation is characterized by tree–grass co-existence that can experience intense water limitation, yet the water relations of these savanna plants are poorly understood. We examined the water sources for trees and grasses in different seasons and investigated ... View more
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