Relationship between significant coronary artery disease and coronary artery anomalies

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Carbonatés, Géosystèmes; Provence, Université de; Cedex, Marseille;
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  • Subject: Key words: Carbonized rice hull, charcoal, pyroligneous acid, rice yield | Turkish J. Earth Sci., 19, (2010), 573-581. Full text: pdf Other articles published in the same issue: Turkish J. Earth Sci.,vol.19,iss.5. | Key words: Coronary artery anomaly, coronary artery disease | Hydrolysis, isocoumarin, kinetics. | Candida antarctica lipase, Enzymatic esterification, Isopropyl laurate, Surfactant | Superconductors, X-ray, Infra-red, YBCO, Ge. | Key words: Thoracic aorta, computed tomography, feline

X-ray powder diffraction patterns and infra-red absorption spectra have been evaluated and analysed for the Y1 Ba2 Cu3 O7-d - Gex compound samples prepared by the solid state reaction with x values ranging from 0.0 to 1.13. All samples show bulk superconductivity a... View more