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Vāstujñāna in Six Early Śaiva texts

Mills, Libbie;
Open Access Sanskrit
  • Published: 11 Dec 2018
  • Publisher: Zenodo
A critical edition and translation of chapters on building theory (<em>vāstujñāna</em>) in six texts: the <em>Bṛhatkālottara</em>; the <em>Devyāmata</em>;<em> </em>the <em>Kiraṇa</em>; the <em>Mohacūrottara</em>; the <em>Mayasaṃgraha</em>; and the <em>Piṅgalāmata</em>. An edition of the commentary to the <em>Mayasaṃgraha</em>, the <em>Bhāvacūḍāmaṇi</em> is supplied, without translation. I present the material here as background information for a forthcoming publication through the Institut français de Pondichéry, École Francaise d'Extreme-Orient: “Temple Design in Six Early Śaiva Scriptures, Critical Edition and Translation of the <em>Prāsādalak</em><em>ṣa</em><...
free text keywords: Architecture, Building theory, Śaiva, Sanskrit, South Asia, Vāstu
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Other literature type . 2018
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Other literature type . 2018
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