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BOKASUN: A fast and precise numerical program to calculate the Master Integrals of the two-loop sunrise diagrams

Caffo, Michele; Czyż, Henryk; Gunia, Michał; Remiddi, Ettore;
Open Access
  • Published: 12 Jul 2008 Journal: Computer Physics Communications, volume 180, pages 427-430 (issn: 0010-4655, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Elsevier BV
Abstract We present the program BOKASUN for fast and precise evaluation of the Master Integrals of the two-loop self-mass sunrise diagram for arbitrary values of the internal masses and the external four-momentum. We use a combination of two methods: a Bernoulli accelerated series expansion and a Runge–Kutta numerical solution of a system of linear differential equations. Program summary Program title: BOKASUN Catalogue identifier: AECG_v1_0 Program summary URL: Program obtainable from: CPC Program Library, Queen's University, Belfast, N. Ireland Licensing provisions: Standard CPC licence,
free text keywords: Hardware and Architecture, General Physics and Astronomy, Convergence (routing), Bernoulli's principle, Series expansion, Feynman diagram, symbols.namesake, symbols, Mathematical analysis, Square (algebra), Test data, Mathematics, Momentum, Linear differential equation, High Energy Physics - Phenomenology
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