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Improvement of Thrust Bearing Calculation Considering the Convectional Heating within the Space between the Pads

Monika Chmielowiec-Jablczyk; Andreas Schubert; Christian Kraft; Hubert Schwarze; Michal Wodtke; Michal Wasilczuk;
  • Published: 26 Feb 2018
  • Publisher: MDPI AG
  • Country: Germany
A modern thrust bearing tool is used to estimate the behavior of tilting pad thrust bearings not only in the oil film between pad and rotating collar, but also in the space between the pads. The oil flow in the space significantly influences the oil film inlet temperature and the heating of pad and collar. For that reason, it is necessary to define an oil mixing model for the space between the pads. In the bearing tool, the solutions of the Reynolds equation including a cavitation model, the energy equation and the heat transfer equation are done iteratively with the finite volume method by considering a constant flow rate. Both effects—laminar/turbulent flow an...
arXiv: Physics::Fluid Dynamics
free text keywords: article, hydrodynamic bearing, thrust bearing calculation, thrust bearing test rig, thrust tilting pad, Science, Q, Reynolds equation, Laminar flow, Thrust bearing, law.invention, law, Bearing (mechanical), Centrifugal force, Heat transfer, Turbulence, Fluid bearing, Metallurgy, Engineering, business.industry, business, Mechanics, ddc:621, ddc:621.8
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