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Electronic Braille Document Reader

Arif, Shahab; Holmes, Violeta;
Open Access English
  • Published: 20 Feb 2013
  • Publisher: Al-Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University,
  • Country: United Kingdom
This paper presents an investigation into developing a portable Braille device which would allow visually impaired individuals to read electronic documents by actuating Braille text on a finger. Braille books tend to be bulky in size due to the minimum size requirements for each Braille cell. E-books can be read in Braille using refreshable Braille displays connected to a computer. However, the refreshable Braille displays are expensive, bulky and are not portable. These factors restrict blind and visually impaired individuals from accessing much of the literature which is not available in Braille.\ud The proposed device overcomes the problem of carrying bulky B...
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Part of book or chapter of book . 2013

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