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Halfway to Scarborough Fair? The Cognitive and Mood Effects of Rosemary and Sage Aromas

mark moss;
  • Published: 01 Jan 2014
  • Country: United Kingdom
The application of aromas as therapeutic treatments and mood stabilisers/enhancers is widely recognised and practised. The possibility of their use as cognitive enhancers is less well known or researched. Received wisdom assumed that our cognitive functioning was optimal for the environment in which we have evolved. However, research has demonstrated that natural nutritional interventions can augment cognition. My research has investigated the possibility that natural aromatic compounds absorbed through inhalation might also exert beneficial effects. Orally administered sage preparations have been shown to improve memory and here I present data that indicate tha...
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publication . Article . 2014

Halfway to Scarborough Fair? The Cognitive and Mood Effects of Rosemary and Sage Aromas

mark moss;