Exploring the Mental Lexicon of the Multilingual: Vocabulary Size, Cognate Recognition and Lexical Access in the L1, L2 and L3

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Szabo, Cz.;
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  • Subject: P | multilingualism; mental lexicon; VST; L1 | Vocabulary size; cognates; lexical access; response time | L2 and L3 | Language and Literature | Philology. Linguistics | P1-1091 | Vocabulary size; cognates; lexical access; response time,multilingualism; mental lexicon; VST,L1,L2 and L3

Recent empirical findings in the field of Multilingualism have shown that the mental lexicon of a language learner does not consist of separate entities, but rather of an intertwined system where languages can interact with each other (e.g. Cenoz, 2013; Szubko-Sitarek, ... View more
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