General methods for analyzing bounded proportion data

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Hossain, Abu;
  • Subject: dewey330 | dewey510

This thesis introduces two general classes of models for analyzing proportion response variable when the response variable Y can take values between zero and one, inclusive of zero and/or one. The models are inflated GAMLSS model and generalized Tobit GAMLSS model. The ... View more
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    Tobit<- gamlss(Y1~pb(sMOB,df=7)+pb(hrate,df=7) + FORIGIN_YR+FDEFAULT_YR, sigma.formula=~pb(hrate,df=1)+pb(sMOB,df=1) , data = da,family=NOic,n.cyc=200, gd.tol=Inf,c.crit=0.1)

    TobitBSSN<- gamlss(Y1~pb(sMOB,df=7)+pb(hrate,df=7) +FORIGIN_YR+FDEFAULT_YR, sigma.formula=~pb(hrate,df=1)+pb(sMOB,df=1) , nu.formula=~pb(hrate,df=9)+pb(sMOB,df=9) + FORIGIN_YR + FDEFAULT_YR, tau.formula=~pb(hrate)+ pb(sMOB),data = da, family=BSSNic,n.cyc=200, gd.tol=Inf,c.crit=0.1)

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