publication . Thesis . 2017

General methods for analyzing bounded proportion data

Hossain, Abu;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 Jun 2017
  • Country: United Kingdom
This thesis introduces two general classes of models for analyzing proportion response variable when the response variable Y can take values between zero and one, inclusive of zero and/or one. The models are inflated GAMLSS model and generalized Tobit GAMLSS model. The inflated GAMLSS model extends the flexibility of beta inflated models by allowing the distribution on (0,1) of the continuous component of the dependent variable to come from any explicit or transformed (i.e. logit or truncated) distribution on (0,1) including highly skewed and/or kurtotic or bimodal distributions. The second proposed general class of model is the generalized Tobit GAMLSS model. T...
free text keywords: dewey330, dewey510
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Tobit<- gamlss(Y1~pb(sMOB,df=7)+pb(hrate,df=7) + FORIGIN_YR+FDEFAULT_YR, sigma.formula=~pb(hrate,df=1)+pb(sMOB,df=1) , data = da,family=NOic,n.cyc=200, gd.tol=Inf,c.crit=0.1)

TobitBSSN<- gamlss(Y1~pb(sMOB,df=7)+pb(hrate,df=7) +FORIGIN_YR+FDEFAULT_YR, sigma.formula=~pb(hrate,df=1)+pb(sMOB,df=1) , nu.formula=~pb(hrate,df=9)+pb(sMOB,df=9) + FORIGIN_YR + FDEFAULT_YR, tau.formula=~pb(hrate)+ pb(sMOB),data = da, family=BSSNic,n.cyc=200, gd.tol=Inf,c.crit=0.1)

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