Sex-stratified genome-wide association studies including 270,000 individuals show sexual dimorphism in genetic loci for anthropometric traits.

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Randall, JC; Winkler, TW; Kutalik, Z; Berndt, SI; Jackson, AU; Monda, KL; Kilpeläinen, TO; Esko, T; Mägi, R; Li, S; Workalemahu, T; Feitosa, MF; Croteau-Chonka, DC; Day, FR; Fall, T; Ferreira, T; Gustafsson, S; Locke, AE; Mathieson, I; Scherag, A; Vedantam, S; Wood, AR; Liang, L; Steinthorsdottir, V; Thorleifsson, G; Dermitzakis, ET; Dimas, AS; Karpe, F; Min, JL; Nicholson, G; ... view all 266 authors

Given the anthropometric differences between men and women and previous evidence of sex-difference in genetic effects, we conducted a genome-wide search for sexually dimorphic associations with height, weight, body mass index, waist circumference, hip circumference, and... View more
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